Wur Bradford, ‘We Are Here’ Project inside the Oastler

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We are delighted to have Wur Bradford, our local community artists Chemaine Cooke and Jean McEwan engage in a new project inside the Oastler Market. The ‘We Are Here’ project  celebrates the unique history, communities and stories of the market, taking participants on a journey of discovery and the culture of Bradford through the market.

The duo have been working with market traders, members of the public and BCB community radio for several months to tell the stories of the Market and it’s people through guided walks, printed ‘zines’ and sound. The project is soon to culminate in a free two day event, the ‘We Are Here’ Party in the Market on April 21st & 28th next month will feature a BCB radio broadcast, alongside poetry readings, live music, art exhibition and print goodies. There will also be an exhibition of the project at Kala Sangam arts centre from April to June. A series of guided food and art walks have already taken place in February and in March.

Interested in the project and want to know more or get involved? Got stories or memories about Oastler you want to share? Chemaine and Jean would love to hear from you. You can get in touch with them via their Facebook page or drop them an email at wurbradford@gmail.com


WE ARE HERE is supported by Arts Council England, Bradford Council, Bradford Markets and University of Bradford

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