FAQs for our open markets

Outdoor Markets

Yes, you will at Bingley and Ilkley, but not at Shipley as there are fixed stalls with drop down tables.

Yes, there is a 13amp power supply at all the venues, you will need to bring a “Commando” adapter to plug into the supply.

Yes, you can drive your vehicle onto the markets but we ask that all vehicles are removed by 9.00am each market day and no vehicles should be brought back onto the markets before 4.00pm

Sorry we do not have any parking facility at any of our open market.

Bingley – Friday and Saturday (There is a Farmers market on the first Saturday of the month)

Shipley – Monday, Friday and Saturday

Ilkley – Tuesday and Saturday

Shipley - £10.50 a day or £11.00 for an end stall

Bingley - £10.25 a day

Ilkley - £20 per 3 metre pitch and £25 per 3metre pitch on a Saturday

Yes, you will need to have Public Liability Insurance

We will need to agree what to can sell to avoid over representation.  We do not allow certain goods to be sold, such as fireworks, cigarettes for example or fake, counterfeit or stolen goods.

Yes, but you will need to adhere to food hygiene regulations and also contact the Councils Environmental Health department to register as a food business.

You need to keep the area around your stall/s clean and tidy and any rubbish you have will need to be removed off the market at the end of the day.

At Bingley and Shipley open markets you can pay the Market Superintendent by credit card (not cash) for the first 4 weeks, after that we will require by direct debit on a monthly basis.   At Ilkley we will require monthly payment by direct debit from the first trading day.

We have a licence to trade which we will require signing, this sets outs the terms and conditions for trading, you will receive a copy of the signed licence.

You will need to give a minimum of 2 weeks' notice in writing or by email.

Indoor Markets

The Council has to ensure that all prospective applicants have an ability to pay the rent for the unit(s) and in this respect we use a credit reference agency to confirm your credit status and identity.

The Council has to make a decision on the level of risk that an applicant’s credit history poses. Therefore, dependant on this, an adverse credit history may result in the Council declining your application.

The Council are currently offering the following to all new business start ups across all venue’s:-

  • Six months half price monthly rental
  • One months notice within the first 12 months
  • No deposit required
  • Business Support Package (NMTF)

The Council invoices calendar monthly for rental payments and this is collected by Direct Debit on 15th of each month

To aid a new business in establishing themselves in any of our Market venues we do not require a deposit. This enables a new tenant to use such funds for fitting out the unit and/or to purchase stock

The lease terms are individual to each venue and are set out in each lease or tenancy agreement should your application be successful

The notice period for new businesses is only 1 month within the first 12 months. After 12 months the notice period is then 6 months.

The application process usually takes 4-6 weeks depending on meeting criteria and the Council being in possession of all the relevant information. A mutually agreeable start date will then be arranged.

The Council currently tries to offer a varied and interesting mix of different products for the benefits of the customer. We therefore seek to encourage products which complement and add value to existing offer.

Not all our stalls are suitable for cooking as you will need extraction. If your application is successful We will put you in touch with the Councils Environmental Health to ensure you are registered with them and they will assist you in ensuring you comply with the relevant Food Hygiene Regulations.

The Service Charge element of your rental payments covers costs incurred by the Council that can be passed on to tenants as described in the Terms of Lease. The types of costs that make up the service charge include items such as Staffing Costs, Security Provision, Cleaning, Utility Costs for the Market Hall itself (e.g. electricity, gas and water), Refuse Removal, Insurances, Health and Safety and Equipment Repairs/contracts.

Business rates and utility bills (electricity and gas), also the upkeep/repair of the stall including the roller shutters, equipment (cold rooms extraction etc) and electrics, which need to be tested every 5 years. You will also need some Public Liability Insurance

No. The Council offers a shell unit and unless they are already fitted out, it is the responsibility of the incoming tenant. Section D of the application requires an applicant to determine what works and an estimate of costs for such works.

You or a third party contractor can carry out works on the unit assuming that you are fit and competent to do so. Therefore, should you wish to carry out any electrical work as an example, you will require an NICEIC registered electrician who can provide you with certification. Some unit alterations may also require approval from Building Regulations and require a secondary application. If you are unsure at any stage of making alterations to the unit, please seek the advice from this office before proceeding.