Application to register as tenant / employee St. James’s Wholesale Market

Please complete the form below or alternatively download the New Tenant or Employee form.

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    Applicant's National Insurance number:

    Vehicle Reg No:

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    Pedestrian Access OnlyVehicle Access - excluding the use of the car parkVehicle Access - including use of car park

    For more general information about how the Council uses your personal information, please refer to our ‘Privacy Notice’ on the Bradford Markets website.

    Fees and Charges Net Fee Payable Total Fee Payable
    Replacement pedestrian/car park card (original lost stolen or damaged) £5.00 +VAT £6.00
    Replacement card (defective within 12 months from the date of issue £0.00 £0.00
    Re-instatement following invalidation due to misuse £20.00 + VAT £24.00
    Annual renewal fee £5.00 + VAT £6.00
    New Registration fee £10.00 + VAT £12.00
    Monthly Car Parking £11.60 + VAT £13.92

    Conditions of issue and use:

    1. Entry cards are only available to bone fide Tenants and their Employees to be used to access the market on foot using the pedestrtian gate only or to exit the car park.
    1. Entry by a registered vehicle(s) will be controlled by an automatic number plate recognition system. Any change of vehicle must be in writing using this form.

    3. If an issued card is subsequently lost or damaged, a charge will be made for a replacement card. However, should the card become defective within 12 months from the date if issue, it will be replaced free of charge.

    4. The Card-holder agrees to comply with all Regulations and Byelaws currently in force at St James’s Wholesale Market, copies of which may be inspected at the Security Office during normal trading hours.

    5. Vehicles being driven on site must not exceed the speed limit of 5mph.

    6. Tailgating, allowing other persons to use the registered vehicle (excluding delivery vehicles) or mis-use of the card, including allowing it to be used by others, may lead to its confiscation without compensation.

    7. The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council reserves the right for its Authorised Officers to refuse, at their sole discretion and without explanation, the issue of an entry card to any Tenant and/or Employee.

    8. The entry card must be produced for inspection if/when demanded by any Authorised Employee or Representative of Bradford Council, and must be surrendered if so required.

    9. If an issued card includes the use of the car park then the Council will require a minimum of one month’s written notice to terminate the monthly fee payable.


    All entry cards expire on 31 March each year, and need to be renewed by this date to remain effective. A reminder letter and renewal application form will be sent in early March.

    Tenants’/Employees’ entry cards are normally operational at all times (ie 24 hours per day, 7 days per week). However, these times may be varied from time to time, especially at bank/public holidays. Details of any temporary changes to normal hours of operation will be displayed at the Security Control office adjacent to the Market site entrance.