Please complete the form below or alternatively download the Vary Your Authorised Use form.

    Guidance notes - Application to Vary your Authorised Use

    Please read these guidance notes carefully
    before submitting your application

    Your application cannot proceed unless you have provided all the details requested.

    An administration fee of £70.00 is payable. This will be payable once the application has been validated. Notices advertising the proposed change will be displayed on the market notice boards for ten days, to allow tenants to comment prior to the application being considered.

    Any comments received will be taken into account as part of the Council's consideration process.

    Section A - Applicant(s) Information

    Tenant Name/s

    Tenant Email/s

    Market (please tick)
    Oastler Shopping CentreKirkgate MarketKeighley MarketSt James's Wholesale Market

    Unit Number(s)

    Correspondence Details

    Tenants Home Address


    Tenants Business Address(if different from above)


    Telephone No.

    Mobile No/s

    Section B - User Details

    Please list your current authorised user as listed in your lease/tenancy or any variation documents

    Please provide a detailed list of the proposed change of use/addition to user

    Please state, in detail, how your proposed change of use/addition to user will benefit the customer

    Please provide details of how your proposed change of use/addition to user will improve customer service

    Is the proposed commodity already available in the Market/Centre


    If YES please provide details on how the proposed commodity differs from the "offers" on other stalls

    Does this application involve change to the unit - i.e. Floors, Walls, Ceiling, Lighting etc.


    If YES please complete a Application for Unit Alteration Form which can be found in the Trader Zone

    You should allow four weeks for this application to be processed

    For more general information about how the Council uses your personal information, please refer to our ‘Privacy Notice’ on the Bradford Markets website.