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Section A - Applicant(s) Information

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Market (please tick)
Oastler Shopping CenterKirkgate MarketKeighley MarketSt James's Wholesale Market

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Section B - Details of Alterations being requested

Please provide a description of the proposed alterations, including details of Tradesmen who will be engaged to undertake the work.

Section C - Stall Design and Fitting Out Proposals

Please list the changes to the following:





External Trading Name Sign

Colour Scheme

Counter Details

Plant & Equipment

Sprinkler System

Include details of fixtures and fittings, trading name sign, photographs and/or brochures

What is your budget for stall fitting out

How long (in weeks) do you expect your fitting works to take

What trades will be involved (please tick)
ElectricalPlumbingJoineryMasonryGlazingGas EngineeringOther
If other please specify

Please detail your work plan, include Risk Assessments(s), and also detail how the relevant requirements of Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 will be addressed

Please include a plan/drawing, including measurements where appropriate, showing the intended alterations

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