Guidance notes – unit alterations

Please read these guidance notes carefully
before submitting your application

No works may commence until written permission has been granted by the Council

The return of this application form does not permit you to commence work on the unit(s)

The Council must be indemnified against any third party liabilities arising from any aspect of the works.

Planning Approval:

Please note that your proposals may require planning approval under the Building Regulations. This applies to many different types of work to buildings or stalls including:

  • Alterations or installation of doors, windows, roller shutters and security grilles.
  • Extension to premises.
  • Removal or installation of walls.
  • Alterations to services including electricity, water, drainage etc.

These are just a few examples of such work which requires separate approval from the Council’s Planning Department. Should you require any further information please contact Bradford Council’s Planning Department on 01274 434605 or visit

Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM) 2007:

Under the CDM Regulations anyone who is carrying out construction / building work including alterations to unit(s) is classed a “Client” and as such has the following obligations:

  • Inform the Market Service of the nature and extent of the work to ensure you have all the relevant Health and Safety information such as location of mains services, sprinkler systems, fire alarm equipment etc before commencing any works.
  • Appoint or engage people and organisations that are competent and capable of carrying out the work in a safe manner without risk to health.
  • Manage any works to ensure the Health and Safety of anyone involved.
  • Any work that is likely to involve more than 30 days or 500 persons days is classed as “Notifiable” this means you are required by law to appoint a “CDM Co-ordinator” to advise and assist with the project. This appointment needs to be made at the design stage of the project.

If you would like further information, contact the Council CDM department on 01274 431721 or visit

How Works Permit:

  • Please note that any “Hot Works” including welding or cutting will require a hot works permit to be used, for further information please contact the Market Superintendent.

Electrical Installation/alterations:

  • Work on the electrical installation should be undertaken by a competent person who is, or is employed by, an electrical contractor who is a member of the NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Contractors)
  • You will need to provide a copy of the electrical test certificate to the Council which your contractor will issue on completion to state the works have been inspected and tested as required by current IEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers) Regulations

Gas Works:

  • Any works to the gas installation should be carried out by a CORGI registered plumber and a gas soundness test certificate will need to be provided to the Council.

Sprinklers and Fire Alarm Equipment:

  • Any work to the sprinkler system and alarm system is only permitted to be carried out by the Council’s maintenance contractors. The Markets Service will arrange a quotation and forward this for your approval and payment prior to the works taking place. Please contact the Market Superintendent for further details.

General Conditions Relating to Refurbishment Work and Alterations:

  • The works to be carried out in such a manner which will not affect, either physically or audibly, the occupiers of adjacent units, or member of the public visiting the venue.
  • Any works which may be classed as noisy or disruptive will only be allowed to take place out of trading hours. Prior arrangements must be made with the Market Superintendent and may involve additional cost in providing such required out of hours access.
  • You/your contractor shall not cause any nuisance or inconvenience when bringing materials etc. into the Market, any such operation is to be carried out at the beginning or the end of normal trading hours.
  • The stalls must be screened off to members of the public whilst work takes place.
  • All refuse created must be removed off site by you/your contractor and not placed in the Market Compactor.
  • You application cannot be considered until you provide all the details requested below.