Maypac Ltd


Fruit, Vegetables, Packaging, Catering Disposables, Grocery Provisions, Toiletries, Drinks, Flour, Oil
& Drinks.

T & S Robinson Ltd


Suppliers of top quality fruits & vegetables for the retail and catering industry.

Speed Fresh Exotics


Fresh Veg, Fruit, Grocery, Dairy Products, Soft Drinks, Spices, Savoury Rice, Flour, Oil & Nuts

Alam & Sons


Fresh Fruit/Veg, Dry Groceries & Fruit, Dairy Products, Drinks & Related Accessories. All Aspects of
Packagaing i.e. Paper & Plastic Disposables.

A.R. Butt

Est. over 50 Years.

Importers and distributors of exotic Asain fruit & Vegetables.

Also specialist providers of dairy products including yoghurts, cheese, Asain frozen items including spring rolls and pastries, pittas and nann breads.

Bradshaw Wholesale Ltd


Purveyors of the finest fruit & vegetables at very keen prices.

Manufacturers of ready prepared potatoes & vegetables to the catering trade.

Fish & chip shops a speciality.


Tri Imp Ltd


Established since 1973 our company trades in both fresh and frozen products.

We are importers and wholesalers of Ginger, Garlic and fresh exotic and non exotic fruits and vegetables, dairy products and also frozen foods which include pastries.

Deli Fresh


Delicatessen, Cheese, Pasta, Chocolate, Oils, Vinegars, Sauces, Fresh Poultry, Bakery Sundries.

Charcuterie, Preserved Vegetables & Pulses. Fruit & Vegetables.
Chilled Foods, Pastry Products, Cheese & Dairy.


Wholesale suppliers of fresh fruit & vegetables.

Lubna Foods


Spices, Herbs, Rice, Oil, Pulses, Flour, Juices, Ghee, Nuts, Chocolate, Confectionery & Soft Drinks.

J Rastrick Ltd


J.Rastrick Ltd  are wholesalers and sellers of a range of fresh Fruits & Vegetables.

Baileys Wholesale Fruit distribution Ltd


Finest quality fresh fruit and vegetables.

Large selection of cheeses, eggs, milk and dairy products.

Extensive range of prepared vegetables and selection of deli products on request.

Quality Veg


Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable plus Dates, Eggs, Onions, Nuts, Paneer, Pitta Bread and Yoghurt.

P P King & Co Ltd

Specialist suppliers of the world’s finest fruit & vegetables to sell to all sectors of the industry.

Burbank Produce


Wholesale suppliers of fruit & vegetables.

Sourcing and delivering a “fresh” solution from around the world on time, every time.

Yorkshire Fruits


Yorkshire Fruits Ltd specialise in a range of fruits and vegetables including Pakistani mangoes, Dutch onions and locally sourced and branded products including Basmati Rice. They also supply a complete range of frozen foods.


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