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We have been scouring the market stalls this week to find you some rare delights (and they are not all food!). Here are our picks for the week because if you know well you know and you know now. 

San Marzano tinned tomatoes and Mutti Passata available at the Roswithas Deli inside the Oastler Centre. Now if you know your tomatoes you would know that these are the cream of the tomato crop and you would also know that they are a rare find in most shops. Well now you can make the best marinara sauce of your life, the best tasting homemade pizza and just basically the best tomato sauce for all your Italian dishes. So don’t both looking for these online, head straight for John Street. 

Washable Face Masks available in various patterns at The Sewing Room (Stall 28) inside Keighley Market. Protect yourself with these great quality, 100% cotton patterned face masks that are comfortable and conveniently washable. Both collection and delivery options available. 

We spotted lots of exotic vegetables from Okra and Bitter Gourd at Solly Fruit & Vegetables and at Fruit World inside the Oastler Centre. These vegetables taste delicious cooked with lamb or chicken so get your culinary game on and diversify your palate this weekend. 

Loo Bombs made by Melting Moments inside Kirkgate Market. These fizzy bombs are available in lots of fragrances from raspberry, watermelon and even berry blast. 

And finally we would like to ask you to..

Shop local and support small businesses across the Bradford district. These are unprecedented times for many of our market traders and they need support from the local community to allow their business to survive. So wherever you can, shop local and stay in touch with us on our Facebook and Twitter platforms. 

San Marzano tinned tomatoes available inside the Deli at the Oastler

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