Shop For Victory Campaign

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We’re aiming for Victory so let’s get them in to Shop for Victory so we can feel Victorious!

You will probably remember seeing some filming and video footage being captured across all of Bradford Markets over the past few months (as well as some fellow traders in some strange looking poses!) and you probably heard it was all in the name of a social campaign to promote our markets.

Well it’s here now – the Shop for Victory campaign has officially launched online on our Facebook! This is YOUR campaign, it features traders from all our markets, lots of great content that highlights the importance of markets in our community and backs our stand to offer a shopping experience that is personal, knowledgeable and local.

Jump on board and back the Shop for Victory campaign by spreading the word across all your social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. Share with your family & friends, your fellow traders, on your Facebook business pages, your websites, your stalls and anywhere else you can possibly think off! Click here now to like and share the page (And don’t forget to keep sharing!)

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