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This update contains the latest information for all traders, shoppers and visitors in our markets in relation to coronavirus.

More information can be found on the government website with coronavirus advice, documents and resources as well as updates.

Coronavirus now in ‘delay phase’

As you will have read or heard in the media, the UK has moved from ‘containment’, into the ‘delay’ stage of its response to the coronavirus.

The advice from the government is subject to change regularly as the situation develops. 

Since Friday, 13 March, the government advice has been:

  • All people with flu-like symptoms, a fever above 37.8C or a persistent cough should self-isolate (stay at home, away from other people) for seven days
  • No closures for schools but this will be reviewed on a regular basis
  • Schools will be advised not to take trips abroad
  • Older people and those with existing health conditions should avoid cruises

Further measures will be taken as the number of coronavirus infections moves towards its peak:

  • Older people and those with health conditions will be advised to cut social contact and stay at home
  • If someone in your home falls ill, the whole household will be told to isolate itself for 14 days

It is hoped these steps could significantly reduce the number of infections and cut deaths by up to a third

Markets Service are currently in the process of implementing several precautionary measures that encourage hand hygiene, promote cleanliness and sanitisation across our markets. The safety and well being of our customers, traders and staff is of the utmost importance and we would advise anyone entering our markets to ensure they abide by the guidelines stated above.

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