Take a sneaky peek at our new food market…

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Our design team are busily working initially on the plans for our new food market and if you want to see a computer model of the initial concept, please click  here.


The vacant Marks & Spencer building is to be demolished to make way for a modern market that will focus on the sale of fresh food, hot foods and food related sales.

Our aim is to make the food market a celebration of the best independent foods in the city, district and region.

We haven’t forgotten about Kirkgate Market and negotiations are on-going with the Head Landlord of the Kirkgate Centre regarding our ambition to create an improved and modern non-food market offer in the Kirkgate Centre. Further announcements on our plans for this market are expected to be published in the New Year.

We will be writing to you again in the New Year to announce the details of our stakeholder consultation events for both markets that will take place in the city centre at key locations such as the Oastler Centre, Kirkgate Centre and Broadway Centre, as well as locations across the district.

These events will capture trader and customer opinions on our plans, stall layout,  the proposed retail offer and identify any barriers to encouraging more visits to the markets.  We aim to capture a cross section of the business community from local city centre businesses, Bradford Chamber of Commerce, Bradford Civic Society and Bradford District Chamber of Trade.

We intend to host an informal consultation evening with ‘critical friends’ to build a greater understanding of our market plans, local trends and potential trader requirements.

Online surveys will be set up to capture the views of stakeholders, including traders,  who wish to share their thoughts but have been unable to do so through the above research channels.

Individual trader surgeries will be available for traders to meet the Markets Manager to discuss our plans in more detail.

Finally, we would like to arrange trader workshops to help with the design process of both markets. We are keen to have a core of around 20 traders in total, each trader could then attend either one or all of the design meetings, which will take place in the early evening after the markets have closed.  If you wish to volunteer, please email bradford.markets@bradford.gov.uk

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